Patents & Intellectual Property

Aerofoil Energy and its partners are constantly developing new and innovative technology. Below is a list of our current granted and pending Patents, along with details of design registrations owned by the company.

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British patent no. 2519463

British Patent Pending GB1507204.4

British Patent Pending GB1613334.0

British Patent Pending: GB1520795.4

British Patent Pending: GB1613067.6

British Patent Pending: GB1608586.2

British Patent Pending: GB1703813.4

British Patent Pending: GB1704959.4

British Patent Pending: GB1705605.2

International Patent Application no. PCT/GB2014/051102

US Patent Application no. US 2016/0302591 A1

Australian Patent Application no. 2014252898

Canadian Patent Application no. 2908918

Chinese Patent Application no. 201480020703.9

European patent application no. 14717816.4

British patent application no. 1507204.4

British patent application no. 1613334.0

Indian patent application no. 2786/MUMNP/2015

South African patent application no. 2015/08291

Hong Kong patent application no. 16107074.6

EU Community Design No. 002465898 - Granted

Australian Design Registration 201415736 - Granted

US Design Application No. 29/509,239 - Pending