Sainsbury’s are increasing their environmentally friendly credentials by employing innovative energy saving technology to reduce energy consumption used by commercial refrigeration in their stores. 

Supporting their aim to be the UK’s ‘Greenest Grocer’ by reducing the environmental impact of the operation of their supermarkets and convenience stores, Sainsbury’s have begun installing Aerofoil™s on to their open fridges.

Sainsbury’s Head of Refrigeration John Skelton said: "We’re proud to be giving our fridges a turbo boost with this fantastic aerodynamic technology. Aerofoil™s help the airflow around F1 cars and can improve their performance – and that’s exactly how they help the fridges in our stores, by keeping the cold air in. This F1-inspired innovation has already shown it can cut carbon produced by major refrigerators."

By reducing the amount of energy used, Sainsbury’s are cutting their carbon emissions and contributing to a greener future.