Aerofoil technology announced as finalist for UK's top engineering award

Aerofoil Energy and Williams Advanced Engineering have been selected by as finalists for the 2018 MacRobert award.

The MacRobert Award, first presented in 1969, is the UK's longest-running and most prestigious national prize for engineering innovation.  
It honours the winning organisation with a gold medal, and the team members a cash prize of £50,000. The presentation of the Award recognises outstanding innovation, tangible societal benefit and proven commercial success.

Past winners have included the engineers behind innovations such as the Pegasus jet engine, catalytic converters, the roof of the Millennium Dome and intelligent prosthetic limbs. In 2017 the Award was won by the team behind the Raspberry Pi microcomputer.

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4 year research and development programme will launch in September 2018

Following an extensive and covert 4 year research and development programme, the Vortex team are set to rock the refrigeration industry when they launch in September 2018. 
A select number of key retail and OEM partners have been engaged and will be announced in the Autumn. 
The Vortex team have used world class CFD tools, aero and thermo modelling and a combined engineering skill base of over 100 years industry experience, to develop a significant range of innovations. 
10 patents have been filed and 16 ground-breaking refrigeration technologies will start to hit the industry later this year. Watch this space...
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Sainsbury's announce roll-out of Aerofoil Technology

Sainsbury's, Aerofoil Energy Ltd and Williams collaborate to roll out ground-breaking Aerofoil technology across 1,400 supermarkets in the UK
Aerofoils will slash energy consumption by 44m kWh every year, equivalent to 320million kettles boiled
New system helps to keep fridges cold whilst warming up the aisles for customers by up to 4 Degrees C. 


Aerofoil Energy Ltd and Williams Advanced Engineering, the technology and engineering business of the Williams Group, today announces that an aerofoil that can reduce the energy consumed by refrigerators by up to 30% will be rolled out across every Sainsbury’s supermarket.

Energy consumption makes up a significant percentage of a supermarket’s operational costs, with energy-hungry refrigerators that keep the produce cool the largest consumer of power. Sainsbury’s shoppers will no longer feel the chill of cold air spilling out to supermarket aisles.

The device, which has been inspired by the aerodynamically efficient rear wing on a Williams Formula One car, has shown significant reductions in energy consumption (up to 30% in lab testing), and has been trialled in 50 Sainsbury’s stores.

Sainsbury’s, the UK’s second largest supermarket chain, will install Aerofoils as part of a significant retrofit programme, whilst all new fridges will be fitted with the technology as standard moving forward.

Williams Advanced Engineering worked closely with Aerofoil Energy Ltd. to develop the device using its expertise in aero and thermodynamics, part of its growth strategy to commercialise sustainable technology.

Craig Wilson, Managing Director at Williams Advanced Engineering,

“Working with Sainsbury’s shows how Formula One can be a vehicle for change and is another example of how we engineer advantage for our customers. As air quality and sustainability concerns revolutionize traditional industries, there is huge growth potential for our business in deploying energy efficient technology in a range of sectors, not just automotive. Formula One is the ultimate R&D platform which can be applied beyond the racetrack to solve some of society’s most demanding challenges.”

Sainsbury’s Head of Sustainability, Engineering, Energy and Environment, Paul Crewe,  

“By keeping the cold air in our fridges using this technology, we’ll see an energy reduction of up to 15% which, when multiplied across all of our stores is a significant amount of energy saved.  By looking outside of our industry, and borrowing technology from an industry that is renowned for its speed and efficiency, we are accelerating how we are reducing the impact on the environment whilst making shopping in Sainsbury’s stores a more comfortable experience."

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