IET Innovation Awards - 2016 Winner 

by Paul McAndrew
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In collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering, Aerofoil™ Energy proved its energy saving credentials yet again by winning the "Horizontial Innovation" category award at the prestigious IET Innovation Awards. Judged by engineering experts, the Innovation Awards recognise the depth and breadth of innovative work being carried out across all areas of engineering and technology.

 A champion of environmentally friendly technology, Aerofoil™ Energy appealed to judges because of its extensive research and development which show energy savings and design refinement. In an increasingly environmentally conscious future, the development and implementation of energy saving technologies is an important consideration for large supermarkets. 

The judging panel commented:

“The innovation has a significant potential to reduce impact and increase cost savings to supermarkets, which demonstrated a focused approach to delivery at scale with real life examples shown. The panel felt this was an excellent example of Horizontal Innovation to promote this important area of engineering.”