Top Industry Awards Celebrate the Ingenuity of Aerofoil™ Energy

by Paul McAndrew
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Right from the beginning, top industry awards have been piqued by the engineering and environmental achievements of Aerofoil™™ Energy. 

The global potential of this environmentally friendly technology has earned Aerofoil™™ Energy recognition at various award ceremonies. 

Proven results from independent lab testings show that Aerofoil™s help to save energy, money and reduce carbon emissions. As these results gather momentum throughout the refrigeration and engineering energy, Aerofoil™ Energy have begun to accumulate nominations and awards from industry specialists.

The RAC Cooling Industry Awards champions the leading innovations and environmental successes in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. In 2014, right at the start of the development of Aerofoil™ Energy, we were finalists in the "Refrigeration Innovation of the Year" category, and in 2015, finalists in "Environmental Collaboration of the Year" category together with Williams Advanced Engineering, EPTA and Sainsbury's. 

In 2016 Aerofoil™ Energy were finalists at Cleantech Innovate, a conference that showcases the latest in clean, low carbon emerging innovations. Click below to see the presentation given by Managing Director Paul McAndrew: