How it works

"Sainsbury's annual electricity bill is in the hundreds of millions of pounds, and refrigeration accounts for about half of that. Fitting the aerofoils is reducing the chain's refrigeration costs by up to 15%”
Paul Crewe, Sainsbury's head of sustainability

All multideck fridges use a cold 'Air Curtain' which is a curtain of refrigerated air blown down across the open front the fridge to keep the contents at a consistent cool temperature. Much of this cold ‘air curtain’ spills out of the front of the cabinet into the store and is wasted, also causing ‘cold aisle syndrome’. Not only is much of the cold air spilt into the aisle and lost but warm air from the aisle also mixes with the cold air and is sucked into the fridge’s bottom air grille, meaning the fridge needs to work harder to cool down the recycled air.



Aerofoil™ technology for use in refrigeration was conceived using the principles of aerodynamics in aircraft. Aerofoil™s have very powerful effects on moving airstreams. They are able to reduce turbulence and straighten falling air curtains back into shape. The Aerofoil™s designed by Aerofoil™ Energy in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering are carefully engineered profiles that control the direction of air flow, reducing cold air spillage by guiding the air streams into the air return grille instead of allowing the cold air to fall out of the fridge and be wasted. Aerofoil™s have also been shown to reduce warm air mixing with the air curtain. 

The diagrams above show the air curtain of a fridge with and without Aerofoil™s. By adding Aerofoil™s the air curtain has a uniform shape maintained from discharge to inlet, reducing air spillage into the aisle and reducing energy consumption.