Multideck fridges devour huge amounts of energy due to their open design. Aerofoil™s have shown to cut energy consumption by up to 30%. 

Without Aerofoil™s, the fridge’s cold air curtain disperses away from the cabinet mixing with warm air outside of the fridge. This decreases the temperature of the shopping aisle and increases the temperature of the air that is pulled back into the fridge to be recycled, making the fridge work even harder.

Aerofoil™s reduce both spillage of cold air and the mixing of warm air with cold air, significantly lowering energy use.

Refrigeration consumes an eye-watering 60% of total energy used by a supermarket or convenience store. Cold air spill from open fridges is the main reason, accounting for around 65% of total refrigeration energy consumption. This means 65% of energy used by refrigeration is wasted. Independent testing by 20 global manufacturing companies and extensive store trials show Aerofoil™ technology has been proven to save between 20% and 32% of refrigeration energy.

Reducing energy consumption not only reduces your fuel bills, it also helps the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Aerofoil™s are eco friendly and are included on the government’s Energy Technology List for energy saving technologies.