The air spilling out of open fridges costs a lot of money to make! Fitting Aerofoil™s literally saves retailers a fortune - cutting the expense of energy bills by up to 30%. 

Most supermarkets will have between 30 and 50 display fridges measuring 3.75m each. In a convenience store the number is usually between 5 and 12. The average 3.75m multideck fitted with Aerofoil™s is likely to save £300 - £500 per year in energy costs, so the potential savings are very significant. Aerofoil™s are an investment that quickly pay for themselves, and the savings keep coming, year after year.

Aerofoil™s are a low cost energy saving solution, are unobtrusive, clip neatly onto the existing shelf and customers probably won’t even notice them. Easy to install to new and existing fridges, low maintenance and fast payback of 1-2 years - Aerofoil™s are so much more cost effective than glass doors, and open fridges remain open fridges.

Aerofoil™s have the added bonus of being shown to reduce ‘hot-spots’ and ‘freezing spots’ within open fridges, extending product shelf life and decreasing waste.

Aerofoil™s have also been shown to reduce 'Cold Aisle Syndrome' which, as well as improving shopping experience for customers, can dramatically reduce the cost of heating stores.

Up to 60% of electricity costs for retailers is spent on refrigeration alone. Increase your profits by decreasing your energy bills! 

Energy Technology List - Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme


Aerofoil™s are listed on the government's Energy Technology List and so they qualify buyers to a tax break known as ‘Enhanced Capital Allowance’ - ECA.

How ECA works:

If a business buys £1000 worth of equipment, then in the first year this £1000 spend can be written down by 25%. But the business has to pay corporation tax (usually at 19%) on the remaining value of £750 - so a tax bill of £142.50.

Under the ECA scheme, if a business buys a product which is listed on the Energy Technology List (as Aerofoil™s are), then the full value of the equipment can be written down to £0 in the first year - so no tax bill!

New refrigeration:

Until recently many display fridges were listed on the Energy Technology List, allowing retailers to claim substantial tax breaks when buying fridges which were on the list. However, in August 2015 the energy performance thresholds for refrigerated display cabinets were made much harder to achieve. As a result many of the multideck display fridges which were on the list were removed and buyers of new fridges could no longer claim the Enhanced Capital Allowance tax break when purchasing new fridges.

Extensive laboratory testing of display fridges fitted with Aerofoil™s has shown reduced energy consumption that meets the new required thresholds. This means a new fridge with Aerofoil™s can be resubmitted for inclusion on the Energy Technology List, allowing buyers to once again claim the ECA tax break not only on the cost of Aerofoil™s, but of the full purchase cost of new fridges. 

If you would like to know more about this tax break, or if you think your fridges could qualify, contact Aerofoil™ Energy.