‘Cold Aisle Syndrome’ is caused by cold air falling from open display fridges into the shopping aisle. Aerofoil™s are proven to increase chiller aisle temperatures by up to 5ºc, making for happy customers!

Studies in 5 of the UK’s leading grocery retailers have shown that the average temperature in the chiller aisle is a bone chilling 10.5 °c!

Aerofoil™s can provide the solution.  Aerofoil™s are profiled strips designed to control cold air and prevent it from being lost into the aisle, keeping this cold air where it belongs - inside the fridge.

Studies have shown that the outside temperature of a display fridge fitted with Aerofoil™s is a warming 18 °c.

Warmer aisles make for happier customers and happy customers are good for sales.  

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