Benefits of Aerofoil™s

Aerofoil™ installation provides many benefits to retailers in addition to yearly savings on energy bills.

Extensive store trials with major retailers report significant energy savings and noticeably warmer aisles. Aerofoil™s have been proven to reduce multideck energy consumption by up to 35%. This represents a significant financial saving to stores, especially multi chain supermarkets.

As well as saving the retailer money spent on refrigeration energy, the reduction of cold air spill into shop aisles has the potential to significantly reduce heating costs, improving the customers’ shopping experience due to the warmer aisles.

Aerofoil™s have a robust, neat design for quick and easy retrofit. They ensure the open fridge remains an open fridge without the barrier created by glass doors. Aerofoil™s are so unobtrusive your customers probably won’t even notice them.

In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, Aerofoil™s are an eco-friendly technology that are proven to reduce energy usage and wastage. Reducing CO2 emissions means the store’s carbon footprint is reduced.

Installation and maintenance costs of Aerofoil™s are significantly lower than installing glass doors, initial costs are less and as Aerofoil™s are listed on the Energy Technology List you can claim the tax back.