Sainsbury’s announce full estate roll-out of Aerofoils 

Following extensive store and laboratory trials, Sainsbury's announced in Nov 2017 that they will deploy Aerofoil technology across there supermarket and convenience store estate in 2018. The supermarket has over 1400 stores and is the UK's second largest grocery retailer. 

Sainsbury’s has announced that it is to roll out aerofoil technology across its 1,400 UK stores. The technology has been extensively tested in over 50 stores and shown to reduce energy consumption in supermarket fridges by up to 31% in laboratory condition and by up to 26% in store conditions.

    'Installation of the Aerofoil will cut energy consumption by 44m kWh every year, equivalent to 320million kettles boiled'
      'New system helps to keep fridges cold whilst warming up the aisles for customers by up to 4°C'

Paul Crewe, head of sustainability at Sainsbury’s,

“By keeping the cold air in our fridges using this technology, we’ll see an energy reduction of up to 15 per cent which, when multiplied across all of our stores is a significant amount of energy saved. By looking outside of our industry, and borrowing technology from an industry that is renowned for its speed and efficiency, we are accelerating how we are reducing the impact on the environment whilst making shopping in Sainsbury’s stores a more comfortable experience.”

Sainsbury’s Head of Refrigeration John Skelton,

"We’re proud to be giving our fridges a turbo boost with this fantastic aerodynamic technology. Aerofoil™s help the airflow around F1 cars and can improve their performance – and that’s exactly how they help the fridges in our stores, by keeping the cold air in. This F1-inspired innovation has already shown it can cut carbon produced by major refrigerators."

Craig Wilson, Managing Director at Williams Advanced Engineering, 

“Working with Sainsbury’s shows how Formula One can be a vehicle for change and is another example of how we engineer advantage for our customers. As air quality and sustainability concerns revolutionize traditional industries, there is huge growth potential for our business in deploying energy efficient technology in a range of sectors, not just automotive. Formula One is the ultimate R&D platform which can be applied beyond the racetrack to solve some of society’s most demanding challenges.”

By reducing the amount of energy used, Sainsbury’s are cutting their carbon emissions and contributing to a greener future.